Also popularly known as liquid gold, olive oil has always played an important role in Dalmatian cuisine. It is woven into each drop of our olive oil obtained only from hand-picked indigenous varieties of Dalmatian oblica olives. The top quality of Brne extra virgin olive oil improves the taste of every dish; fish, seafood, meat, vegetables, as well as cheeses and salads. You can also enjoy it with just a few drops on a piece of bread, just for taste, as we like in Dalmatia.

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The autochthonous variety Dalmatian Oblica belongs to the Croatian catalogue of olive varieties and is listed in the world catalogue of olivel varieties of the International Olive Oil Council (IOC) in Madrid. Oblica is well resistant to cold, and develops a medium lush tree with a rounded canopy. It adapts well to various types of soil, it is resistant to strong winds, drought and cold, which makes it very widespread throughout Dalmatia. Our olive groves are located in the vicinity of Primošten and have been part of the heritage of the Jadrijević Brne family for generations. With dedicated work and effort, we nurture the tradition of the Dalmatian Oblica, presenting nature at its best, creating limited series of high-quality extra virgin olive oil Brne.