Babić Brne wine is made entirely from grapes from our vineyards, which we bring to your table with great dedication. For us, wine is not just a product, we see it as an indelible part of our lives. Babić Brne is an authentic varietal wine, with a very long fruity taste. It is extremely fruity, darker in color, with a taste reminiscent of homemade jam from ripe cherries, spiced with traces of vanilla. Tannins are pleasant with a more pronounced minerality of earthy taste.

It goes well with aged meat and more mature cheeses or just with a pleasant company.

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If vineyards could sing, the anthem of human effort and work would be sung around Primošten. Hardly anywhere in the world are there vineyards like those in Bucavac, Kremik…

Srećko Ljubljanović, Vjesnik Magazine

The rugged soil of about 18 hectares was cleared and turned into vineyards in 1947. Vineyard plots were allocated to the people of Primošten like a lottery, by drawing numbers from a bag. Each family member was entitled to one plot. Ante Jadrijević Brne (born in 1930), then seventeen years old, later to become a famous winegrower and winemaker, drew the number 217 from 240 numbers in a bag. “When I started arranging the land for planting, it was just stone after stone after stone. Nothing else. It took me ten years to arrange the plot and plant about 3,500 Babić vines. We planted this variety because it is very hardy, and even I remember years when it didn't rain for six months."

The way the soil was cleared distinguishes Bucavac from other similar vineyards and landscapes. By clearing the ground, the fertile red soil, a network of very small cassettes, called vlačica in Primošten, was created. These tracts are bounded by low dry-stone mounds. The people of Primošten call a series of cassettes in a straight line perpendicular to the seashore tirade. Arranged next to each other, tirade form a network of cassettes (vlačica), which are adapted to the coastline of the area. In Bucavac, grapes of the Croatian autochthonous Babić variety are traditionally grown and used to make the high-quality red wine of the same name

There wouldn’t be a good drop of Babić wine without great effort and work of human hands, just as there is no Babić wine without working the hoe.